Featured Artist: Brian Thompson

This ‘Collection’ of sculptures in topographical in nature and is part of a project drawing together interests in revealing the northern landscape with the developments of new crafts in making sculpture. The inspiration comes from the idea of journeys and in this case celebrating the great northern rivers of the Tyne, Wear and Tees as they travel to the sea.

These ‘journeys’ are recorded through tracings from aerial photographs of the rivers. The traced images are used to make precision digital templates from which layers of sheet glass are cut using a water-jet cutter, each layer becoming a template for the succeeding layer. Through small increments of size, introduced by the process, the sculptures evolve tapering downwards from top to base; marking, layer upon layer, in geological fashion, the time of their making.

I am interested in how journeys explore landscapes, how paths get worn, compress and build up over many generations; how rivers cut and change course as they journey to the sea. These routes and points where they cross reveal the topography of the world and tell us something about how we come to know and navigate it. These sculptures extend an ongoing engagement with landscape and through sculptural metaphor seek to give the genius loci or a sense of the chosen places.





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