Featured Artist: Midori Shinmura

Since 2001, I have lived and worked in the UK. After graduating with an MA from the University of Sunderland I received a scholarship from Bradford College and worked as an artist in residence. On completing my scholarship I have continued to divided my time between my own practice of kiln formed glass and jewelry, and sharing that knowledge through teaching.

Often my own personal development feeds back into my teaching work. Over the years I have enjoyed teaching a wide range of students at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland as well as projects at outlying schools and colleges.

I take inspiration for my own work from nature and the marks humanity leaves behind in archaeology.

My current work is around the combination of colours through the technical process, the preparation quite labour intensive.I hope you can enjoy my work with my story and background going into each piece.

Midori Shinmura (Work #2)


Midori Shinmura


Midori Shinmura

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