Featured Artist: Robert Winter


Robert has worked with ceramics for over twenty years. During that time he has developed a diverse ceramic practice that includes teaching, community work, design/technical consultancy and making his thrown porcelain.

Over the last four years Robert Winter has been working with ceramics and glass producers in the poorer parts of the world including Asia and South America. In partnership with fair-trade organisations both in the U.K. and abroad Robert has shared his design and technical expertise with producers in India, Peru, Bolivia and Vietnam. Robert has visited India and Peru on a number of occasions to oversee design and technical developments and to deliver workshops covering many aspects of ceramic production and sales.

Robert shares a studio in Newcastle upon Tyne with ceramic artist Katherine Butler. Together they run the Cone10 Contemporary Ceramics, creating a diverse range of porcelain, from exquisite and unique thrown pieces to large porcelain sculptural forms

This new body of work has been made in response to Roberts’s research undertaken in the developing world potteries. The latest work draws influence from industrial functional design. The structured line of every day utilitarian steel objects, often used in India instead of pottery, has been recreated in thrown porcelain, an expensive and precious material which changes the context in which the forms are seen and celebrates the skills needed to make handmade ceramics. Robert aspires to bring sophistication through new design to the potteries in Asia and South America so that village pottery can be seen in a new way and the potters themselves will have pride in their work and skills.


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