Criss Chaney

Criss Chaney is and internationally recognized glass artist, who has exhibited extensively in the UK, Europe, and the United States. Including a solo exhibition at the Museum Humanum in Austria. For years she has been developing techniques for combining glass and metals, exploiting methods for working with both materials. Her pieces make people question their views on glass and push the boundaries between glass and other media. She now makes her work at Creative Cohesion in Sunderland, where she has recently completed a large public art commission.

Criss Chaney’s work is about the human experience, spirituality and the subconscious. Throughout time and across cultures humans have felt the need to create religions, spiritual practices, and art to express their subjective and intuitive experiences.

‘Artefacts have a life of their own that span many human lifetimes. They can often be the only windows we have into another person’s life and how they understood the world. From the objects that people leave behind, we learn of their stories and myths, we find caves playing a mythical role in society. Caves are closely tied with female sexuality and the Mayans believed caves to be sacred, a place where the gods could move between worlds. In my work I use caves to explore the subconscious, and spiritual dimensions of human existence. With the shift to a secular society, science has replaced mysticism and has renamed the realm of the gods ‘the subconscious’. Spirituality, psychoanalysis, and art are all human endeavors to explore this hidden aspect of our nature.’