Inge Panneels

I have been designing and making bespoke architectural or sculptural glass pieces since 1998. Both work in tandem and could not exist without the other.  Inspiration for my work is driven by location and circumstance and life’s rich tapestry but a recurrent theme is universal complementary opposition and the map as metaphor.   Sculptural works are often made in series; exploring a central theme through a body of work that may last a few years.

The “Creation” pieces explored universal creation mythology in a series of sculptural light pieces (now in Dexia collection, Brussels, Belgium). “Sanctuary” explored forms of sanctuary (now in Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Denmark).   A body of work exploring mapping is emerging; such as “Liverpool Map (2011) commission for the Museum of Liverpool, with new work being developed inspired by residencies at Mercator Museum (Belgium) and Jedburgh Abbey in 2012, to be completed in  2013.

“Micro Macro” juxtaposes the map of a river estuary with the image of a bloodvessel and highlights the communalities. Other work includes the ‘Estuary’ pieces, working with existing coastlines and topographies to create new maps.

My work has been described as having a “fantastic stillness” (Homes and Interiors Scotland), “hauntingly beautiful” (Aberdeen Art Gallery), with a “meditative quality” (Crafts).  “Her work combines high technical ability with a really creative approach. It is what everyone aims for but which is so hard to achieve.” (Glass in Scotland).