Megan Randall

Megan Randall is a contemporary ceramic artist, and is a current PhD student a Sunderland University where her research focuses on the placement of domestic ceramic objects responding to the context of site.

Her work makes use of thrown porcelain alongside other less traditional materials and found objects. Working on the wheel is repetitive this gives pieces a rhythm and flow. Recent work has focused on willow pattern designs, which create their own narrative around domestic spaces, industrial sites and the notions of home.

In the past her work has included site specific installation and interventions alongside designed and hand crafted ceramic objects. The link between the separate worlds of fine art concept and that of designer/maker is the consistent use of porcelain which evokes a sense of luxury, fragility and, in some pieces, vulnerability.

Her work combines new technology through the use of the waterjet cutter with the altering of the readymade object.  This informs both the fine art and design practices which she runs in tandem.

Megan has exhibited nationally within the UK including in the British Ceramic Biennial and at The Design Event in Newcastle upon Tyne.