Sage Salvo

Sage Salvo is a Washington, D.C. native, Howard University Professor, featured poet/hip-hop artist, and creator of Words Liive. He is also a recurring selection to perform for the D.C. Annual Poetry Festival Honoring Gil Scott Heron at the Carter Barron. He has been selected to present his poetry for the U.S. State Department’s Black History Program, and regularly performs and hosts at Bus Boys and Poets among other venues. Sage Salvo is also the mastermind artist behind the hip-hop mixtape ‘Writes of Passage’ which featured the DMV Anthem, ‘DC Love Story.’ He is currently recording his debut studio album, ‘A Beautiful Rhyme’ at Depth Charge Studios. Both recordings present his messages through spoken word and hip-hop music.  Sage Salvo is available on his website:, on Twitter @sagesalvo, and on Facebook.