"Artifact #12" -"Artifact #12" - Syl Mathis

Featured Artist: Syl Mathis

Self-taught as a glass carver, Syl Mathis has been an artist at the Washington Glass School from its first “glass and steel” workshop. Syl combines investment casting techniques, high pressure abrasive carving, and cold-working techniques to create sculptural pieces in glass that often reflect stylized natural artifacts.

His imaginative and skillful use of design–designs which are combinations of man-made and natural forces–not only reflects a love of Nature which invites meditation and thoughtfulness, but also, eloquently highlights the beauty of Nature’s own patterns with a precision that transcends the mere manipulation of tools or careful, mechanical dexterity.

As a professional educator, Syl Mathis is a firm believer in process, the process of creative expression and of learning; as such, each carving is both a piece of art and the first step in a journey that promises to deepen our perception of Nature.

Artwork Info:

“Artifact #12″; 21″w x 6″h x 3.5″d; cast and deep carved amber glass on copper, carved slate and wood base; 2013

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